Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lunch May 27th

Topics of interest over lunch today:
  • TWiT 195 - Leo, John C. Dvorak, Becky Worley, and Molly Wood
  • DrupalCon by the Numbers
  • The IASP Conference on Science and Technology Parks - Held in Raleigh, NC next week.
  • Marshall Brain's link to Greek Firework Battle
  • Gamasutra Interview with Tim Sweeny - Tim Sweeny founded Epic, which is best known for the Unreal Engine, used to make video games, and Gears of War; but they started in the 1990's as a shareware company. Epic is based in Cary, NC. This is a great 10 page interview.
  • More on Epic - Wikipedia Page and Triangle Biz Journal article with following quote: "The magazine did not report a potential purchase price for Epic, but based on past speculation, it could reach reach 10 figures. Earlier this year, GamePro magazine reported that Microsoft was in talks to buy Epic for $1 billion – a figure that, at the time, industry observers said made sense."
  • How the Mighty Fall - Business Week Cover Stories Podcast - A very interesting discussion of the stages of failure in large formerly great companies, and how to recognize the problems. Definitely worth listening to for anyone in a large corporation. This podcast is based on a discussion of the new book, How The Mighty Fall: And Why Some Companies Never Give In.


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