Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hope for the Laid off

I read this article in USA Today (but can't find it on their website), so here it is reprinted at Chain Leader: From laid off to company leader; Business founders likely to emerge from meltdown.
But among them may be a Tom Stemberg, who founded 43,000-employee Staples after he was pushed out by supermarket chain Finast-Edwards when his division was sold in 1985; or a New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, fired from Salomon Bros., only to start the financial news service that made him a billionaire and today employs about 10,000.

Here's too all of the great ideas and companies that will emerge from the carnage of the financial crisis.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tells of iPhone Riches

Wired Blog on Trism and Tap Tap Revenge from back in Sept.

Following that up is another wired Blog entry on the game iShoot.

I think Apples app store is key to their success. Its one place you have to get into, not a wild combination of online stores and brick-n-mortor.

New: 4/5/09
More coverage of iShoot, Trism, and similar iPhone Apps.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Old Research Grant

Was looking for some names from my past and came across a link for the research grant that I worked on in graduate school to pay for part of my education. Wanted to link to it here for safe keeping. This was part of the work for RTCPP.