Thursday, December 09, 2010

Reasons to be Optimistic

All too often I find the news depressing. Today I started thinking of the glimmers of light in the daily news. Here is my list of news items that should makes us all optimistic about the future.
  1. Over 50 billionaires are pledging to give most of their wealth to charity. Read about it in the Wall Street Journal or at the pledge site.

  2. The wheels of justice sometimes turn very slowly, but they do turn. Jim Morrison was pardoned today of a crime that he was apparently charged with based on a news paper report in 1969.

  3. The Navy is investing heavily in more energy efficient equipment and renewable energy options, because having to deliver less fuel to the front saves soldier's lives. You can read or listen to Science Friday's coverage of this subject. Much of science funding has come from military or strategic spending, over hundreds of years, perhaps thousands of years. The internet is a direct result of US military research.