Saturday, March 28, 2009

RTP Area VCs

RTP Startup Weekend July 11-13 last years event coverage.
2008 E-week at Duke

Friday, March 27, 2009

Economy Story Links

Ready the Biz plans - Thinking a head.

The Big Takeover - From Rolling Stone

The other linkedin -- Zoominfo.

Best places to start a company -- Raleigh #1 and Charlotte #2

Thursday, March 26, 2009

TechCrunch50 2009 Announced

TechCrunch50 2009 has been announced.
It’s that time of the year again. We are pleased to announce the opening of business for the third annual TechCrunch50 event, to be held once again on September 14-15, 2009 in San Francisco, California. Last year we hosted 250 start-ups pitching to nearly 2,000 attendees, including 200 VCs, corporate buyers and angels and more than 150 members of the press. All the details are at TechCrunch50.com.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Thinking about buying

Western Digital My Book Mirror Edition 2TB

SanDisk 16GB Ultra II 15MB/s SDHC SD Card
Previous Model Mac Mini for < $500

Saturday, March 21, 2009

PHP Reference Links

PHP doing HTTP and HTTPS gets - fopen

PHP Manual - English

XML Parsing in PHP 4

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dell Mini 9 Hackintosh

Dell Mini 9 Hackintosh Test Drive from Andy Ihnatko on Vimeo.

Really amazing video of the market Apple is missing out on at the moment!! I'd like more disk space, perhaps with a SD SDHC card I can get what I need.
Added 3-21-09: Link to the Mini 9 at Dell.com. TomsHardware mini 9 hackintosh article.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Apple Dev Links

Pinch Media - Analytics and Advertisements for your iPhone App

Jeff Lamarche on UIimage from TGA.

Forum Help on OpenGL sprites.

Forum Question on Multiple Texturing mistakes.

Apple Sample Code - Must be an apple developer to login and see page.

Subversion and Xcode -- Subversion Notes

Objective C Memory Management Model

Intro to Memory Management for Cocoa

Cocoa iPhone example

Animating the UI

Particles on iPhone Video of particles on iPhone
iPhone Particles Code

Apple Developer Site

Sound on the iPhone

Formatting Cocoa Text Edit Field

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Researcher to Entrepreneur

Interesting article about a British Academic bringing Silicon Valley entrepreneur culture to British academic research. This article about Mark Ferguson, from 2001 details his career leading to the formation of the Manchester Incubator and Renovo, a company he co-founded.
So rather than just approaching a company with an idea, it was necessary to have a fully developed proposal. "Then you need to find people in the company who will support you, you need to be clear how you can develop your research into something that they can make and make money from, so there not only has to be some underpinning science but also a product development pathway. You definitely have to be astute about intellectual property, and either have filed patent applications or know how to do that, because that’s the whole basis of the industry."
. . .

After several years, Ferguson found he had built up good relationships with some pharmaceutical companies and was securing substantial funding for research. But, there was a problem. "They didn’t actually take the things forward from R&D into development."

Even though Ferguson’s group had made some genuinely useful discoveries, the technology was not being taken to market. He was falling into what the DTI has long identified as the "development gap". Getting out of it would require going a step further.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Links for Further review

A list of links I might want to read when I have time:
Go Big Network
University R&D Revenue - Forbes Article - Related Post
Local coverage of Wake Forest Ranking
Biz Journel Article
North Carolina Electronics and Information Technology Association

Patent Reports
Patent Search
AN/Duke AND ISD/1/1/2008->12/31/2008 returns 42
Angle Technologies -VC Group specilizing in taking univeristy R&D
Business Link NC
Researcher to Entrepreneur
Serial Entrepreneurs and Venture Performance
Smart Business Article: Alfred Mann
Phoenix University
Smart Grid research in RTP
Hacker Spaces

Charlie Rose interviews Buffet & Gates.
Department of Labor Layoff Site
List of Science Twitters
Story from NPR about ENERGIZE Clinton County
Global Sources - OEM Directory

Using rsync to mirror sites
http://speedtest.net/ names says it all
Encrypting everything - A Discussion on Slashdot
CURL at godaddy hosting

RTP based Start Ups:
BIOLEX Therapeutics founded by Anne-Marie Stomp

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Cool Video Podcasts

A list of Video podcasts I enjoy.
  • Hidden Universe HD: NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope - Stunning pictures from the space telescope. Great for showing off an HDTV.
  • TEDTalks - Uplifting, amazing, optimistic look at the world. Who doesn't need that view point these days?
  • Hubblecast - Images from the Hubble and Spitzer Telescopes, with Dr. J.
  • Irving Renquist, Ghost Hunter - For those that love B Ghost Movies. Irving Renquist is a B ghost hunting fictional drama. It gets much better and more interesting after the first 2 episodes.
  • DiveFilmHD Podcast Video - HD scuba dive videos. Some of these are seriously cool. Some of them are whale poetry (for better or for worse).

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Buffet Quote

NBR: As you know it's the 30th anniversary of Nightly Business Report. As you look back on the past three decades, what would you say is the most important lesson that you've learned about investing?

Warren Buffet: Well I've learned my lessons before that. I read a book what is it, almost 60 years ago roughly, called The Intelligent Investor and I really learned all I needed to know about investing from that book, in particular chapters 8 and 20 so I haven't changed anything since.